Are you preparing to drive out of town for a family holiday or perhaps for business, or even your daily commute to Sydney from the central coast. This is a great opportunity to do a thorough safety check of your vehicle. Safety is our highest priority, and we know that you feel the same way. No one wants to experience car trouble while on a family trip. But to make things go smoothly, an ounce of prevention goes a long way.

Some people wonder if they can rely on their car to take a long trip if it has high km's. We prove to our customers time and time again that they can rely on their car, if it is well maintained. Thats our job, and we wont let you down.

Our expert technicians perform a thorough, professional safety inspection on nearly every vehicle that passes through our shop. Here is a list of the basic safety checks Getit Automotive carry out at each service or for a pre or post trip check. Keep in mind that to do these checks routinely could save you from headaches and worry about your car even when you are not traveling.

The first thing to do is check all fluid levels. Starting with the engine oil, check brake fluid, transmission fluid and power steering fluid. Ensure your windshield wiper fluid and engine coolant are at correct level and coolant concentration is good.

Next off we check the condition of your engine hoses too. Check for cracked or brittle rubber, or for leaky connections. For instance, if there was a leak in the engine coolant it would overheat the car, causing potentially severe damage to your engine.

Next we want to check the wear on your tires and make sure you have the right tire pressure. This is especially important to include the spare tyre condition incase a flat tyre is encountered. We will be happy to rotate your tires as this will help with their longevity and will definitely help your budget.

The next item to check is the Serpentine Belt. This belt is connected to the drive pulley of the engine. The car will not operate if this belt fails. A simple visual inspection will go a long way to make sure this belt is in good condition.

We also check your headlights, turn signals and your horn. This is not only a safety matter, as broken lights create an excuse for law enforcement to pull you over. Who wants to complicate their family holiday with such an experience.

Also we check your wiper blades, make sure they are not cracked or dry incase you do experience rainy weather and there is nothing more annoying than ineffective wiper blades.

The vehicle is then raised in the air to visually check all brake components, steering and suspension components and the under body of the vehicle. Before a final complete computer diagnostic scam on the vehicle to check record and clear any fault codes that may be hidden in vehicle computers masking an issue that may need rectifying.

So from top to bottom your vehicle will get a full health check giving you peace of mind that your vehicle will not let you down.