As driver – friendly, innovative and computerised as the modern vehicle has become, the process of finding and repairing faults has evolved beyond simple trial and error diagnosis.

Getit Automotive offer thorough top to bottom computer diagnosis of your vehicle, to save time, money and minimise labour costs when a fault occurs on your vehicle.

Sophisticated analytic diagnosis systems comprehensively assess every computer system on your vehicle and show which systems are logging faults and the areas of concern to be diagnosed further.

Experience gained over many years of working on various modern vehicles, such as Land Rover, Range Rover, Volvo, Volkswagon, BMW, Alfa, Citreon and many other European brands , not excluding Australian made Holdens and Fords, allows Getit Automotive to pinpoint areas of concern relating to stored trouble codes on your vehicle.

Complete Computer Diagnostic also allows us to ensure that your vehicle is running as efficiently as it possibly can thus reducing the risk of increased wear and tear on your vehicle.

Each and every vehicle that is serviced by Getit Automotive is fault scanned before any service is carried out and a printout supplied if required so you can rest assured that any hidden faults in your vehicle that are not causing a concern or a fault light to appear on the vehicles dash board can be recognised and attended to if necessary during the routine service of your vehicle.